• Thermal Paper Roll 60 x 104mm x 38mm (Box 24)

OzPos Thermal Paper Roll 60 x 104mm (Box 24)

Don't just by POS Rolls, Buy Quality Australian Manufactured OZ POS Thermal Rolls.

OzPos Rolls are made in Australia from high quality Thermal Paper and coated with thick thermally activated ink that always produces a good quality durable print1. The paper has a smooth texture specifically designed to minimise the wear on the Thermal Print head of your printer, cash register, scales or other device. Using OzPos Thermal Rolls will give your printer a much longer life and not void your warranty.

OzPos Thermal Rolls are a quality thermal roll suitable for printing receipts, log files, and trace records requiring Graphics and/or Logos. OzPos Thermal Rolls have a thick thermally activated ink coating which is consistently applied over the entire surface of the roll so there is no fading from one side of the roll to the other and no difference in the print quality from start to finish of the roll. OzPos Thermal Rolls produce a strong image which appears consistently over the entire roll width for the length of the entire roll. In addition OzPos Rolls have a long image life of around 5 years2, which many are selling as archival quality. OzPos Rolls have a durable print whether text, Graphics or Logos of around 5 years2. Others sell Thermal Rolls of this quality at additional cost as archival quality.


  • Point-of-sale receipts
  • Kiosks
  • General printer applications
  • Facsimile
  • Calculator
  • ATM and gas pump receipts
  • Credit card receipts
  • Portable receipt printing
  • Parking receipts


  • Manufacturer: Australian Manufacturer
  • Paper Weight: 57 gms
  • Width: 60 mm
  • O.D.: 104 mm
  • Core: 39 mm
  • Coating: CSO
  • Durability: 5 Years
  • Box Qty: 24
  • Box Weight: 9 KG

Q. How does thermal paper work?
A. Thermal papers are coated with a colourless formula which will develop an image by the application of heat. When passing through an imaging device, precise measures of heat applied by the print head cause a reaction that creates a strong dark image on the paper.

Q. What are the benefits of OzPos's Direct Thermal Paper?
A. Thermal printing technology offers the benefits of clear legible imaging, fast printing, quiet operation, reliability, and low cost of ownership. And there are are no ribbons or cartridges required.


CSI: Coated Side IN – like most Datamax Printers, and many other thermal transfer printers
CSO: Coated Side OUT – like most Zebra Printers, and some other thermal transfer printers
O.D. Outside Diameter

1Good quality printing depends on several factors including use of a good quality thermal printer and proper storage of rolls before use..

2How long the image printed on a Thermal Roll lasts for depends not only on the quality of the Thermal Roll and its coating, but on whether the image was printed on a quality thermal printer so that the image is fully formed, and how the printed paper is stored.

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Thermal Paper Roll 60 x 104mm x 38mm (Box 24)

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