Sam4s1 ER-265EJLB Cash Register with large cash drawer

For the Mid-sized Retail and Hospitality Environment, with Effective Financial Reporting

Outstanding Features

  • Modern Compact Cash Register Design
  • High performance Auto Load Thermal Printer
  • Customisable Receipt with Graphic Logo2
  • Simple to program and operator friendly

Speed, Accuracy and Performance for
Your Small Business Establishment

The Sam4s ER-260 Series Cash Register is Sam4s's brand new solution, perfect for all business environments. There are three models:

  • The Sam4s ER-260EJRLB with raised keyboard and large Cash Drawer.
  • The Sam4s ER-265EJLB with flat keyboard and large Cash Drawer.
  • The Sam4s ER-265EJB with flat keyboard and small Cash Drawer.

These cash registers provide both speed, accuracy and security in your retail or hospitality operations. The ER-260 like the ER-265 Cash Register series is loaded with many features, convenient for both operators and customers.

Thermal Printer with Drop-in Paper Loading

Featuring thermal printing technology, the ER-260 and ER-265 Cash Registers silently prints out sales receipts at a speedy rate of about 8 lines a second. Plus, a newly developed Drop-in Paper Loading mechanism allows you to exchange paper rolls quickly and easily.

Clear Display for User-Friendly Operation

The ER-260 and ER-265 Cash Registers feature a highly visible 2-line LED operator display that makes it easy to confirm the price being charged. The ER-260 like the ER-265 Cash Register is also equipped with an easy-to-read customer display to ensure customer confidence.

Automatic Tax calculation

The ER-260 and ER-265 Cash Registers calculate Tax automatically with 4 GST/VAT rates possible or 2 Add on taxes or 1 straight tax. This register series gives you options for future changes in the Tax System.


The ER-260 and ER-265 Series Cash Registers have 1000 PLUs (Price look-up) to automatically price and track sales for up to 1000 fast moving items. This feature will lead to high throughput.

Real time Clock-hourly sales reporting

Printing time, and date and generating hourly sales reports are all possible. Hourly report data details the net sales and customer count for each hour of the day


Having 15 departments increases the ease of operation and ease the control and management of retail & hospitality operations. Fast moving items can be easily checked for price and count.

Financial Reports

The ER-260 and ER-265 Series cash registers offers a complete analysis of your department sales, function totals, and actual drawer totals to give you a thorough review of your business. This financial analysis feature will bring total control over your budget, stock status, etc.

Other Features

  • Flat or Raised keyboard selectable 49 keys
  • Quick & quiet Thermal Printer
  • Graphic logo2
  • Real time clock
  • Mid size drawer-New carbon effect included
  • RS-232C port for kitchen printer and PC utility2
  • Daily and periodic X & Z report


Warranty on all Sam4s Cash Registers is 12 months RTB.




Printer Type Thermal Printer
Paper Width 57.5mm
Display Operator 16Char x 2lines LCD with Blue B/L
Customer 16Char x 2lines LCD with Blue B/L
Keyboard Flat 49key
Raised 49key
Memory Program 2MByte FLASH (CPU Internal)
Data 4Mbit SRAM
Ext. (Opt.) 4Mbit SRAM (Total 8Mbit)
Data Storage 90 Days
Fiscal Memory EPROM (Default/Option) 2/4Mbit OTPROM
Interface RS-232C 2 ports (RJ45 x 2)
USB 1 port (Host), 1 port (Device)
Network Ethernet (10/100 Mbps)
GPRS Modem Built-in (Option)
SD Card 2 slot (SDHC Compatible)
(1-Internal, 1-External)
Drawer Type Small/Large Available
Port 1 port
Peripherals Operatior Key, Scanner, Remote Printer,
Slip Printer, Kitchen Printer, Scale, Pole,
PC, EFT, Coin Dispensor
S/W Keyboard Departments 15
PLU's 1000(Max.10000)
Graups 20(Max.99)
Clerk 10(Max.99)
Electronic Journal Yes (SD card)
Euro Currency Conversion Yes
Graphics Logo Yes
Daily and Periodic Reporting Yes
Table Management Yes
F/W up-date (PC/SD-card) Yes
PC Utility Yes
Physical Dimensions (WxDxH): ER265EJB; 325 x 420 x 227 mm
ER265EJLB: 450 x 430 x 245 mm
ER260EJRLB: 450 x 430 x 245 mm

ER265EJLB: 10.7kg
ER260EJRLB: 10.7kg

 1 Sam4s is the trading name of the Shin Heung Precision Co Ltd. Sam4s was previously a division of Samsung.

 2 A serial Interface is required to program a Graphic Logo, use a Kitchen Printer and connect the register to a PC for easy programming .

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SAM4S ER-265EJLB Cash Register with Large Drawer

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