Upsonic DS1000 UPS 1000VA - Domestic with Modified Sine Wave Output


Upsonic DS1000 UPS 1000VA - Domestic with Modified Sine Wave Output

Upsonic DS1000 UPS 1000VA - Domestic with Modified Sine Wave Output

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Upsonic DS1000 UPS 1000VA - Domestic Series

Line Interactive with Modified Sine Wave Output


Line Interactive UPS Series - 600VA to 2000VA

  • Microprocessor control
    Guarantees high reliability and efficient operation

  • Equipped with Buck and Boost AVR
    To stabilise input voltage & extend battery life

  • Built-in DC start function
    Enables UPS to be started without AC power supplied

  • Smart RS-232 and USB Communication Port
    With Free Software (Download available from the Internet)

  • User-Replaceable Battery Design
    (1000 / 1400 / 2000VA only ) For ease of maintenance

  • Auto restart on AC recovery

  • Compact size, light weight
    Saves space and money

  • Provides Modem/Phoneline Surge Protection
    Provides Overload Protection

  • Comprehensive Warranty
    3 year warranty (2 years on battery)


Typical Equipment Standard
2x PC Small
High End
DS 600 11 x x 5
DS 800 13 3 4 6
DS 1000 30 10 12 16
DS 1400 35 13 15 19
DS 2000 35 13 15 19


Smart RS232 Comms / USB 1
UPS Outlets
With Australian 3 pin adaptor
DS 600 and DS 800 - Fuse 3 IEC
DS 1000 - DS 2000 - Breaker 4 IEC
Telephone/Modem/Network 1

The Domestic Series UPS is a high quality, compact and affordable UPS suitable for WORKSTATIONS, SMALL BUSINESS, POS EQUIPMENT and PCs.

This UPS features a state of the art automatic voltage regulator (AVR - Buck and Boost), which enables the UPS to maintain a secure and regulated output voltage, without utilising batteries, for mains voltages between 180VAC and 280VAC.

The Domestic Series has a voltage surge/spike suppressor and noise filter, providing continuous power protection under all operating conditions. In the event of a total power failure the Domestic Series will provide <5 mSec change over to battery back-up from the maintenance free internal batteries.

When the Domestic Series is utilised with intelligent shutdown software, it is able to provide detailed information on the status of input power quality, record power events and perform a fully automatic system save and close-down in the event of a power failure.

A RJ11/RJ45 network connection ACA approved telephone line filter is integral with the Domestic Series UPS to protect sensitive Phone, fax and modem equipment, from power disturbances entering via the phone lines.

Exceptional Design . . .


Model DOMESTIC SME SERIES DS600 DS800 DS1000 DS1400 DS2000
CAPACITY VA/W 600VA/360W 800VA/480W 1000VA/600W 1400VA/840W 2000VA/1080W
INPUT Voltage

230 V AC

Voltage Range

180 - 280 VAC

Frequency 43- 65 Hz (Auto Sensing)
OUTPUT Voltage (AC Mode) 230 VAC +15% to - 10%
Voltage Reg (Battery Mode) +/- 10% +/- 5%
Frequency 50 Hz
Frequency Regulation (Batt Mode) +/- 1 Hz
Waveform Modified Waveform
BATTERY Battery Type 12V/7AH x 1 12V/9AH x 1 12V/7AH x 2 12V/9AH x 2 12V/9AH x 2
Recharge Time

8 hours to 90% after complete discharge


< 5 ms

INDICATOR LCD Indicator with Blue Backlight The LCD will turn on when the UPS is functioning in Off Mode, Charging Mode and Fault Mode Displays In/Out Voltage (AC), Load Level, Battery Capacity and Operational Mode
AUDIBLE ALARM BACKUP/ BATTERY MODE Sounding every 10 seconds
Battery Low Sounding every second
Overload Sounding every 0.5 seconds
Fault Sounds Continuously
PROTECTION Full Protection Discharge, Overcharge and Overload protection
PHYSICAL Dimensions(LxWxH) mm 330x100x140 330x100x140 390x145x205 390x145x205 390x145x205
WEIGHT Net Weight 6.0 Kg 6.5 Kg 14 Kg 15 Kg 16 Kg
ENVIRONMENT Operating Environment 0-40 C, 0-90% Relative Humidity (non-condensing)
Noise Level AC Mode Less than 40dB
Backup Mode Less than 45dB
Interface Software Smart RS-232 / USB RJ11 Phone/Modem RJ45 - Phone/Modem/Network
Download from Internet Free BSD/Linux/Mac/Windows 95-2008/Vista/Unix


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