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Blue Pre-Insulated Ring Terminals

Conductor  1 - 2.6mm2 - Stud size M3 to M12, Colour Blue

Pre-Insulated Terminals

Ring Terminal - RT Range

The Legend / CABAC™ range of pre-insulated terminals is comprehensive, and is being developed continually as switchgear, contactors, terminal blocks, etc. evolve. In more recent years terminals have been getting smaller, and we have developed our range of 0.5mm tab thickness quick connectors, increased our range of bootlace pins and introduced the 0.3mm2 range of terminals to name a few developments. Our terminals are high quality 300V terminals having many advanced features for ease of use.

  • High quality product meeting International Standards
  • Long-term electrical integrity
  • A unique funnel entry that speeds wire terminating and increases reliability
  • Translucent nylon in fully insulated quick connectors reduces installation errors
  • Full technical backup including QA
  • Approved by government authorities
  • Conforms to AS 3169 and AS 4437

All terminals should be crimped onto the conductor using a quality crimper that is designed to crimp the specific terminal type. If unsure of the terminal/conductor/crimper combination refer to the technical information following and test the nominal pull out force of the crimped connection. If the conductor does not pull out when the nominal pull out force is applied and held for one minute, this will give a good indication of the integrity of the joint. We offer a vast range of crimpers for various applications and terminal types that are shown in the tooling section.

Terminal Size and Qty


0.5-1.6 mm2
M3 1 - 2.6 mm 2 100  RT2-3  RT2-3DG
M4  1 - 2.6 mm 2 100  RT2-4  RT2-4DG
M5  1 - 2.6 mm 2 100  RT2-5  RT2-5DG
M6  1 - 2.6 mm 2 50  RT2-6  RT2-6DG
M8  1 - 2.6 mm 2 50  RT2-8  RT2-8DG
M10  1 - 2.6 mm 2 25  RT2-10  RT2-10DG
M12 1 - 2.6 mm 2 25   RT2-12 RT2-12DG

Nominal Current Ratings


Conductor Range (mm2) 0.2-0.5  0.5-1.6  1.0-2.6  2.5-6.0
Ring Terminal 8A 24A 32A 48A
Forked Spade 6A 18A 24A 36A
Pin Connector 5A 12A 16A 24A
Lip/Flat Blade - 24A 32A 48A
Bullet - 12A 16A  
In Line Splice - 24A 32A 48A
Quick Connector - 24A 32A 48A
End Connector - 24A 32A 48A

NOTE: These ratings are a notional suggestion and cover most situations. It assumes defect-free workmanship, natural ambient conditions, and accepted practices within AS 3000.

Stripping Lengths


Conductor Range (mm2) 0.2-0.5  0.5-1.6  1.0-2.6  2.5-6.0
Strip Length for Terminals 4-5mm 4-5mm 5-6mm 6-7mm
Strip Length for in Line Splice - 7-8mm 7-8mm 7-8mm

In general, the wire should protrude 1mm out of the front of the terminal.

Funnel Entry

The funnel entry has been specifically developed to speed up wire terminating, while ensuring maximum reliability of the crimped connection. Only single grip terminals are funnel entry.

  • Speeds insertion of the wire
  • Avoids strands folding back and minimises short-circuit risks
  • Reduces stripping tolerances
  • Speeds and simplifies the operation, reducing errors and rejects
  • Reduces installation time

Standard Entry

Fig. 1

Having stripped the insulation, the wire strands tend to 'spring', resulting in a difficult insertion.

Fig. 2

Not all strands are inserted into the terminal barrel, therefore the wire section is only partially crimped

Funnel Entry

Fig. 3

All of the wire strands are properly funnelled into the terminal barrel.

Fig. 4

The wire section can be fully crimped and is both electrically and mechanically more reliable.

Technical Data

Conductive Material
(except Quick Connect Range)

Copper 99.9% pure
Tensile Strength 200 MPa
Ductile Rating 35%
Final Metal State Fully annealed
Oxygen Content 50ppm max

Conductive Material
(Quick Connect Range)

Brass 30% Zinc
70% Copper
Tensile Strength 580 MPa
Ductile Rating 6% min
Final Metal State Annealed


Material Tin
Tin Content 99.9%
Other Metals Lead + Antimony
Plating Thickness 2.5 microns

General Electrical Properties

Total Conductivity 99.5% IACS
Total Resistivity 1.738 micro-ohm cm



Material PVC for all except nylon 6
or nylon 66 - for FIQC
Breakdown Voltage 1.5kV (min)
Insulation Resistance Above 100 meg ohms
Working Voltage Up to 300V AC/DC

Working Temperature

Pre-Insulate -40oC + 105oC
Brass 145oC
Tin Plated 1605oC

Conformant Standards

  • AS4437, AS3169 Australia
  • CSA Canada
  • IEC Europe
  • UL Nema USA
  • Demko Denmark
  • DIN VDE Germany
  • Kema Holland
  • JIS Japan; Nemko Norway
  • ASE Switzerland
  • BS United Kingdom

Torque Recommendations

For hardware being metric 8.8 tensile grade.

Thread dia (mm) Torque (Nm)
3 2
4 3
5 5
6 9
8 22
10 44
12 77

Nominal Pull Out Force

Wire Size mm2 Pull Out Force kg (N)
0.25 4.6 (45)
0.5 6.0 (59)
0.75 8.6 (84)
1.00 10.1 (100)
1.50 13.2 (130)
2.50 19.6 (192)
4.00 26.5 (260)
6.00 35.2 (345)

Pull out should be checked for each tool/terminal combination.

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