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Inkie's Family

This is Graeme and me with all of our kids. Our wedding day in 2003 was the only day that we were able to get them all in the one place at the one time for a photo! Graeme's girls Emily and Prue are on the left, then my kids, Beth, Ellie, Zac and Josh.

Here is a little about each of my loved ones:

  • Graeme and I met while chatting on ICQ over 12 years ago. We had one of those "gee, whizz, wow!" type conversations because we had so much in common. What started as a great friendship became an even better romance and we couldn't be happier together. Graeme runs his own business called Infocomm Engineering. You can find out more about him here.
  • Emily lives in Queensland with her husband Frank and their sons Jackson and Harry. She is a Div 1 Nurse.
  • Prue lives in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. She teaches music in schools and plays violin for various orchestras. Occasionally even we get a chance to see her!
  • Beth is a volunteer staff member at YWAM Townsville, and takes part in regular mission trips to Papua New Guinea.
  • Josh manages a mobile phone retail outlet. Josh is very involved at Lighthouse Christian Centre, helping out with the Sunday School, singing with the worship team and at youth activities. He is engaged to Emily and may even be married by the time you read this!
  • Zac, together with his wife Peta, is studying Engineering at Monash University. They both work part time to make ends meet.
  • Ellie is in her final years of high school and works part time in a pizza and pasta restaurant. She is a beautiful and smart young lady with lots of potential.

Joshua 24:15

If you are unwilling to serve the Lord, then choose today whom you will serve...But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord. (NLT)

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